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Price per EPIC Credit.

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1 -99 $3.30
100 - 149 $3.10
150 - 250 $3.02
251-499 $2.85
500-999 $2.74
1,000-1,999 $2.70

Contact us for quantity pricing over 1,999.

Email or Phone: (877) 311-3472

Free Epic Account ($160 value) on orders of 250 or more.

To determine your cost per report multiply the number of credits needed by the cost per credit, e.g. 500 EPIC credits can create 50 DiSC Classic 2.0 reports or 33 Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles or 20 of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Sales, or Management Profiles.

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What Is An EPIC Account?

The EPIC Account "Electronic Profile Information Center" is an online user-friendly Internet-based platform or web site for administering the online  EPIC DiSC and over 30 other Inscape Publishing online assessments, group reports and action planners. You can deliver all the online profiles and assessments by Inscape Publishing (now Everything DiSC, a Wiley company). Your EPIC account is available to you anytime - 24/7 from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can issue access codes via email, generate report and view results from any computer within a secure, password-protected online environment. 

Consider EPIC as your access point or portal to Inscape Publishing's online learning assessments library, yet EPIC can also be integrated into your corporate or educational Learning Management Systems if desired .

Using EPIC Increases Productivity and Training Time Efficiencies.

EPIC provides you more time to training, mentor or coach. EPIC accounts score and generate profiles and assessments within seconds.  From your EPIC account you can also create various facilitator, team and group reports in real-time. So? This increases productivity and/or reduces costs of training. How? The paper versions of the DiSC, Time Mastery Profile, Personal Listening Profile, and Discovering Diversity Profile (just to name a fellow assessments) can take 25-40 minutes of your training time. With the paper versions training or coaching time is required to explain to the participants how to take their profile; then how to score them; then how to transfer their results throughout the profile booklets to find the parts that pertinent to them; and then answering any question relating to completing the process (granted the paper versions are designed to be very easy to use, but it takes more time and time is money). So you can look at this two way:

      • You will need 25-45 minutes less time to do the same training.
      • You will have an extra 25-45 minutes of training time to actually do training or coaching.

How much does 25-40 minutes of training time cost you?

How much money would you save by having your participants take their profile as pre-work? They can take it any time from anywhere, when they want to, all they need is Internet access and they can complete their part in as little as 8-12 minutes, since the scoring is automatic. You will also have full control over whether they see their results upon completion or when you choose to have the see them. You can view the results online, print them out, save them as a PDF file or email them. Not only are you saving costly training time, you are also ensuring scoring accuracy, thus increasing the reliably and validity of the results. So, having people take their profiles a head of time online you have maximize the time you have for training leaving more scheduled time for actual training.

EPIC Is Easy To Use

Even though EPIC has been designed to be very user-friendly an intuitive you can reference our easy to use online Help section, containing flash animated tutorials 24/7.

Your EPIC Account Gives You Administrative Control
You determine whether a respondent can view or receive their results.  You have the option to view, print, or email completed reports in EPIC.

EPIC Offers Expanded and Extended Reports Not Available In Our Paper Versions
Because the results are computer generated you receive more personalized and in-depth information and feedback that cannot be generated by filling out the paper booklet versions. These include such value-added features as personalized narrative description, gap analysis, group reports, and facilitator reports.

EPIC Allows You To Brand and Customize Your Reports

  • Add your logo and company information to report covers and to the online test form.      
  • Customize and personalize email content when issuing access codes.      

EPIC Accounts Provides An Easy To Organization Online Environment.
EPIC allows you to create folders and sub-folders to organize your reports by project, client, division, department, team, location, or any criteria you want.


  • EPIC Credits never expire so you can benefit from our quantity discounts.  
  • There are not additional annual or renewal fees for your EPIC Account.  
  • All reports generated in EPIC can be saved or emailed in PDF format.
  • You can brand and add YOUR contact information and Logo to all reports.
  • You can Integrate EPIC into your Learning Management System.
  • Reference the online Help section, containing flash animated tutorials 24/7

How Many EPIC Credits Do I Need To Generate A DiSC Profile Report? Click Here

How To Set-Up Your EPIC Account.

Note: If you just want an access code for an online assessment and don't need an EPIC account all of our online EPIC based profiles are available at www.internalchange.com or www.onlinediscprofile.com or www.onlinediscpersonalityprofile.com.

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